You have not yet managed to master a second language. You must therefore erase from your memory what has been clubbed during all these years in school. Grammar, grammar and more grammar…
People all over the world learn to speak their language first and then they go to school and learn their grammar. Why do we do the opposite with second languages? This is the question! And we have the answer!
At Frank's Way Academy the Language’s Mechanic is the basis of languages. It is this which allows you to read and pronounce vocabulary perfectly, without however knowing its meaning. Acquiring this mechanic gives you the essential basic tool to become your own teacher, because only yourself can memorize it!
Learning a second language is not a question of intelligence, it is a question of repetition. Ask a parrot! However, you will still need organization and persistence.
Most of the people do not know how to learn and what to learn. It is the same technique, or rather the same logic for all languages. There is an order to follow and the themes remain the same.
To stimulate learning, I invented and developed tools & games tested and approved by thousands of students of all ages.
Existing methods and programs have a philosophy that is based on a teacher - student model and where the grammar is the base of their programs. This premise gives poorly designed programs and low success rates.
At the Frank's Way Academy, we have a different philosophy, teachers are Mentors and students are Mentees. This state of mind generates a positive dynamic, with perseverance it gives results to anyone willing to put in the efforts.
You can become your own teacher.